University concert series at the Faculty of Music begin


The soon-to-start autumn season of the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen offers more than forty high-quality classical music concerts. The Conservatory Evenings, the Universitas-Debrecen and Steinway concert series, the Old Music concerts, and the Soul Warmer will continue. The Sound-Game-Music Youth experience concerts and the Music-Matiné occasions will also offer visitors rich productions in special moments.
Once again this year, visitors to the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen can see high-quality concerts performed by domestic and international artists. At the Thursday press conference organized in connection with the autumn concert season, József Tőzsér, DE vice chancellor responsible for life sciences, Péter Lakatos, dean of ZK, and art manager Judit Váradi reported on the program and the performers.

The vice-rector said: the activity that the Faculty of Music has been carrying out for many years is exemplary, as it uniquely organizes seven series of varied concerts, thus contributing to strengthening the institution’s domestic and international reputation.

The work and concerts at the Faculty of Music are the cornerstone of university life. Since everything is constantly changing, it is important to have constant points that provide reassurance, but at the same time, development is also inevitable. The University of Debrecen offers a very wide spectrum of courses, there are students from many places with different interests, but the language of music is common and universal, and since there are many university students who also have a musical background, university music education and concerts are a significant community-forging force

– said József Tőssér.

Péter Lakatos, dean of the Faculty of Music, added that the autumn and spring music seasons are particularly important, as the students can meet recognized artists and high-quality stage productions, and through these they can improve a lot outside of class.

Music training is not theoretical, but rather practical. We try to show everything that is possible, since this is how young people can develop the most. It is also a question of how they perform on stage, during the concert series the artists who come to the faculty set an example, and the university students can see live concerts of an international level. They can take part in some of the performances themselves, they can perform either solo or in a band

– explained the head of the faculty.

The aim of the season starting in October is to bring classical music closer to the people of Debrecen, families, and children, as well as introduce them to contemporary pieces. According to Judit Váradi, art manager of DE ZK, this is a long-standing service that has an increasing raison d’être every year.

Twenty-three years ago, we started organizing concert series in order to show the public the values here, since our work does not primarily take place between the four walls. Our oldest series, Universitas, is already thirty-one years old, and the university realized even then that in an environment where the intellectuals of the future are trained on a wide educational palette, art must also be present there. Even our oldest series is able to renew and develop, we can maintain interest in each of our musical events, which proves that these concerts are still necessary, even after more than two decades. It means prestige for us to always be able to show something new on stage

– emphasized the artistic manager.

The audience will be able to see and hear seven performances at the Universitas-Debrec and Steinway concerts, eight in the Conservatory Nights series, fifteen performances at the Youth Experience Concerts, and three separate musical matinees. The Old Music Ensemble will perform this season, and the Faculty of Music will also host a special all-arts event combining dance, music and literature.

The autumn concert season begins with the Steinway concert series on September 27 at 7 p.m. in the Liszt Hall. The focus of László Borbély’s celebratory piano evening is Rachmaninoff’s works, paying tribute to the composer on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth and the 80th anniversary of his death. The Conservatory Nights concert series begins on October 16, when the audience can see a concert by the teachers of the Faculty of Music’s Strings Department, starting at 7 p.m. in Liszt Hall.

The complete program:

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