Shocking video of the moments before the fatal crash on the M3 has been released


After a long struggle, MKIF Magyar Koncessziós Infrastructure Fejlsztő Zrt finally shared the recording of a series of events before a fatal accident.

As they write on their Instagram page, footage of a fatal accident is never released for reasons of mercy – but what happened on September 3rd on the M3 did not let them rest, as

that fatal accident – based on the footage – could have been avoided with care.

The recording shows that it is raining, the traffic is heavy, and many people do not keep the following distance. There are people who drive with automatic lighting, so in this case, only the light of the brake light comes on.

According to the video, several people simply do not drive according to the road and visibility conditions. They change lanes without waiting until it is safe to do so, forcing others to brake unexpectedly.

Because of this and the small following distance and the higher speed, a so-called phantom traffic jam develops after several people are forced to brake. For no real reason, but the line stops. A few people can avoid standing in the line of cars – at the last moment.

Even here, several dangerous situations arise, until finally someone drives into one of the stationary cars and they collide – MKIF explains the events.

Then an all-terrain vehicle comes into the resulting traffic situation, which eventually cannot stop and smashes four other cars. But they don’t show that anymore.


• the trouble is over in a moment,
• always drive according to the road and visibility conditions,
• observe the following distance,
• if the road is wet, be even more careful,
• instead of automatic headlights, switch on normal lighting.


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