The bear may have attacked a family house in Bükk in Hungary 


Several animals died near Lászlóvölgy, a wild animal may have been the culprit, writes Blikk.

We reported that bear movement had been detected in the area of the Bükki National Park. Cameras installed by the park also recorded the animal at night. EGERERDŐ Zrt. has asked the public to pay extra attention to the giant moving in the park area.

Here is the first video about the bear in Bükk in Hungary

However, it seems that the bear roaming in Bükk may have gone on a rampage at Lászlóvölgy, which belongs to Karancskeszi in Nógrád County, on Wednesday night. A local man shared on his social media that the animal had killed sheep.

Two pedigree sheep were injured by the bear, we don’t yet know how many are missing,

– wrote the man, who warned everyone in his post that this is not a game, as the action took place 50 meters from their house.

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