DataExpert Services Kft. opens its renewed Debrecen office

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DataExpert, based in Debrecen, was founded in 2006 by Dezső Karasszon and Zoltán Vasvári. The company, which employs nearly 70 people, is Europe’s largest independent market research data processing company. In addition to market research data processing, customer and employee satisfaction surveys as well as business intelligence with a sales and marketing focus are also emphasized in its activities.

With significant investment, DataExpert renovated and transformed its office in Debrecen, for which it used partly grant funding (GINOP PLUSZ 1.2.3) and partly its own resources. Overall, the amount spent on the renovation of the office is more than HUF 148 million net. In addition, other technological developments took place in the net value of HUF 44 million. The investment had a dual purpose:

  1. Raising the standard of working conditions: the place of work is in the workplace. In addition to the flexibility provided by the home office, the social relations of colleagues can only develop in the office. DataExpert – as a company serving the international market – considers it important that internal knowledge sharing and transfer be as effective as possible, which can only be achieved in person. Even in the most difficult economic environment, the company undertook to invest in the development of the office, because they believed that it would definitely pay off through the satisfaction of colleagues and their better, more efficient work.
  2. Expansion of capacity: The possible number of workstations has increased by 40%, currently instead of the previous 75 people, 105 people can work in the office at the same time if necessary.

The architect Tibor Rácz from Debrecen was entrusted with the preparation of the interior design plans. After studying the use of the office, he prepared the design in such a way that it would best suit the daily work: he measured the various architectural solutions on pharmacy scales in order to ensure that the employees only had to do high-quality work. to concentrate.

The office was built in an industrial style, often using glass surfaces. The low- and high-current network has also been rebuilt, the cable channel is open and forms part of the decoration. With the help of LED lighting, they can create a pleasant atmosphere in the office even in the autumn. Solar panels were installed on the building, and the windows and doors facing the street were also replaced.

In all three of their meeting rooms, old Debrecen street scenes, churches, and iconic buildings can be seen on the wall wallpaper. Local patriotism is part of their company culture and they encourage other Debrecen companies to follow their example. During the operation of the office so far, several well-known foreign clients have already come to visit, for all-day meetings, who were able to enjoy their hospitality in this environment, and in the discussions after work, they understood a lot about the work culture based on the Calvinist traditions of Debrecen. The office is also used as a marketing tool: creating an attractive environment for existing and new clients and colleagues.

The company’s executives consider their greatest success to be the fact that they are able to provide world-class services from Debrecen using innovative technologies with which they can constantly stay competitive, and even provide unique services in certain niche markets.

More than 90% of the group’s customers are international companies, and it can be said that 55% of their sales come from outside the EU. DataExpert serves its partners with a consulting approach and a deeper understanding of business challenges using the latest technologies. In Europe, they can be considered the largest independent workshop in market research data processing. Their clients are typically market research companies: they can establish long-term good relationships with niche market players, so their clients include the world’s largest agricultural market researcher, and they also work for the world’s only aviation market research company, as well as a company that conducts questionnaire research in the field of music streaming.

The management of DataExpert is dedicated to continuous development, and nothing shows this better than the fact that they founded their subsidiary in London a year ago. The company is the so-called in the field of social listening and text analytics – i.e. in the processing of data from social media, internet reviews, and forums, as well as news portals – it already uses the possibilities provided by AI (artificial intelligence). The executives are proud of the fact that they have gained some advantage in the technological competition and are doing everything to not only maintain but also increase our advantage.

The description of their service available on the Hungarian market can be found on website: it is an online test to assess the company culture. DataExpert cooperates with Prof. Dr. Ákos Münnich, a lecturer at the University of Debrecen, and his team in this area. The test shows the values present in the company culture as well as the challenging points: it can serve as an essential preparation for a later organizational development program.
They warmly recommend the service to all Debrecen labor organizations with over 40 employees, as the executives believe that thanks to the city’s explosive development, it is mandatory for companies working in the multi- and SME sectors to switch to a higher flight altitude.

(EDC Debrecen Urban and Economic Development Center)

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