Debrecen’s favorite kebab maker, Toszy, has opened his own mobile bistro

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László Rostás, alias “Toszy”, has been working as a state care worker since he was 10 years old – now he finally has his own food truck. We have written about his life journey on our portal several times. In September 2022, he opened his own restaurant, a pizzeria, where he hammered the last nail into the wall. Since then, the Pizzeria has received a new owner and name. The good news is that on Wednesday he was already waiting for guests in his first food truck with his partner, Attila Tajta.

Customers, such as Diána Széles, are sure to get kebabs, hamburgers, and a few good words in the bistro cart on Sámsoni út. The deputy mayor also visited the new unit and when she was there, a joint photo was taken.

László Rostás, Diána Széles and Attila Tajta in front of Toszy Bistro in Debrecen

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