For the first time in the history of the Campus Festival, the full house board was displayed

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The 14th Campus Festival ended at dawn on Sunday, the last night featured Majka, the iconic British punk-rock legend The Toy Dolls, this summer’s domestic hit Valmar, as well as Wellhello, Pokolgép, Csannekedkislány, and the British Goodboys, the memorable performances of the German Christian Löffler and the Dutch Jungle By Night awaited the visitors. The main performer of the closing day was the Norwegian singer, Aurora, who, at a special, intimate press event, adopted an eighty-year-old oak tree in the depths of the Great Forest by placing a birdhouse decorated with her name. This year, 116,000 people visited one of Hungary’s biggest summer cultural event.

The Campus returned at full capacity and with an increased area compared to last year, in addition to the best-known and best representatives of the domestic light music scene, foreign star performers also returned to Debrecen after a two-year break. Over four nights, more than 300 productions and countless other programs awaited the visitors in a unique Great Forest environment at a total of 19 program locations. The location was again rated five stars, in the extreme heat, the tree-grove environment provided a refreshingly pleasant festival experience, and even the wind storm that arrived with rain on the last night could not affect the schedule, the visitors could enjoy all the programs undisturbed until dawn.

Most people were curious about the show of the Dutch star-DJ, Tiësto, on Thursday, and the Swedish pop diva, Zara Larsson, on Friday. The large-scale concert of Tankcsapda and Majka attracted a lot of interest among the domestic performers, but Halott Pénz, BSW, Carson Coma, 30Y, British Sigala, Deez Nuts, Dzúdló, Valmar, T. Danny, and the eternal favorite: György Korda and Klári Balázs. As for the number of visitors to the Campus Festival, it surpassed the previous record year, the 2019 event, in a way that exceeded expectations, making the Debrecen festival one of the biggest summer events of this season.


Péter Miklósvölgyi, one of the managers of Debreceni Campus Nonprofit Kft., which organized the event, added that on Thursday, the day marked by DJ Tiësto, it was necessary to order a full house due to the capacity of the main stage and the huge interest. He also mentioned as a positive innovation that in the days before the festival, the preliminary wristband exchange was tested well, so there was no large crowd at the entrance, and a healthy flow developed in the area of ​​Nagyerdő.

Today, Campus remains the only major festival that dedicated an independent stage to rock music. In addition to the most popular bands attracting crowds of thousands, the line-up also included up-and-coming talents, and there was plenty to see at the smaller venues on the Campus. This year, hip-hop, rap, and trap got their own stage, and as a novelty, a forest program venue serving fans of underground electronic music was launched among the trees of the Great Forest. There was no style and musical subculture in the popular music program that did not appear in some form.

“My favorite part of my career is going to concerts, I love to dance and I enjoy how the energies are released,”

– said the Swedish pop star Zara Larsson. Even if I’m really tired, as soon as I go on stage, I’m instantly fired up by the audience and everyone singing and dancing along with me to my songs.

“I feel the best at concerts, today was a very successful party”

– the singer had a great time in Debrecen, she even left a message for her Hungarian fans.

“Thank you very much to the Hungarian audience for listening to my music and supporting me, I will be coming with new songs soon. I hope you have a great summer, take care of yourselves, your friends, and your family!”

Every year, University Square is one of the most colorful and visited daytime program locations at the festival. The name of venue this year was Erasmus35 Színpad – University Square because this year the foreign scholarship program turned 35 years old. During the four days, UD’s thirty-three organizational units presented themselves, and the festival-goers got a playful taste of all scientific fields. The greatest interest accompanied Thursday’s PONT OTT Party, where hundreds of people partied at the busiest festival in domestic higher education and waited to receive their admission results.

The Soproni Pub and Kocsmasport Aréna, which also accommodates the performers of the Dumastheater, debuted as a new venue. Based on the report of the Artisjus award-winning copywriter Mátyás Szepesi, “Have you brought a toothbrush?” was a great success. songwriting camp for listeners. Children and families were awaited by the Campus Kid program set up in the Civil Village, a complete playground was built, and the colorful stalls of Vándor Wurstli attracted attention, but we were also able to meet the dancers of the Hajdú Folk Dance Group and the Debrecen Dixieland Jazz Band. Circus artists randomly appearing at various points of the festival, quickly became the favorite photo subjects of festival-goers, and the spectacular evening parade of the Ars Sol Luna street theater troupe are slowly becoming a familiar sight. As a novelty, the organizers decorated several points of the festival with light installations.

About 2,500 contributors worked at this year’s Campus Festival, of which nearly two hundred stood at the counters and almost three hundred were responsible for the safety of the entertaining audience. László Páll, the managing director of the Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft., promises that within three weeks, Nagyerdő and its surroundings will once again shine in their pre-festival glory. Apart from the turf restoration process, no extraordinary measures will be required. “This year, the biggest challenge at the Campus was meeting the technical needs of DJ Tiësto, we had to order additional visual effects, and setting them up was not an easy procedure,” said László Páll, who added that due to the high heat, the drinking water available in the Stadium and the shade of the trees have not posed a problem for festival-goers.

The surroundings of the Nagyerdei Stadium and the Nagyerdei Water Tower, the comfortable locations, and spectacular structures created an unparalleled festival experience at the 2022 event in Debrecen. With this, the Campus is still a nationally unique festival, which next year will be held on July 19-23, 2023.


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