A guest woke up to find the hotel manager sucking his toe


A guest of a hotel room in Tennessee experienced terrifyingly bizarre moments. The man from Texas has been struggling with sleep disorders ever since, writes 24.hu.

Back in March, Peter Brennan from Texas was on a business trip to Nashville, where he stayed at the Hilton Nashville Downtown hotel.

On March 30, around 5 a.m., he woke up to someone sucking his toe.

He jumped up in bed and recognized the intruder as the hotel employee (the night shift manager) who had helped him set up his TV the night before. David Neal, 52, was arrested and is currently under house arrest.

The victim told Nashville’s News Channel 5 that since the incident, he has been struggling with sleep disorders and post-traumatic stress, and needs the help of a psychologist.

Hilton Nashville Downtown Hotel did not comment on the case, they are cooperating with the police in everything.

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