A restaurant in Debrecen has received a Michelin recommendation


For the first time, rural restaurants in Hungary were awarded a Michelin star. This is the top of the so-called Michelin pyramid, and the recommendation is the lowest level.

Michelin Stars Awarded to Restaurants Outside Budapest for First Time

The IKON restaurant in Debrecen was also included in the list of restaurants boasting a Michelin recommendation, along with 45 others. Could this mean the lobby of the Michelin star?

The short answer: is no, but the owners of the restaurant can be proud of the qualification. The Michelin recommendation is a recommendation independent of the price-value ratio. It means that although the place is not on the way to the Michelin star in its category, it stands out from the field, and it is among the excellent restaurants of a given country according to the inspectors of the Michelin restaurant guide.



Photo: Facebook/IKON Restaurant Debrecen

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