A Hungarian train was in such bad condition that it was not allowed into Germany


One of the MÁV vehicles was not allowed to enter Germany because it was not in proper technical condition. Because of the incident, 350 passengers were stranded, they were stuck on the platform at the Czech border trying to resolve their further journey, writes 24.hu.

The German staff did not take over the Hungária EuroCity train departing from Nyugati railway station on Sunday at the German-Czech border, because the train was not in proper technical condition, so it could not continue its journey to Hamburg. According to the specialist portal iho.hu, about 350 passengers had a rather bad time, they stayed on the platform to resolve their further journey.

The Germans objected that the air conditioning did not work in one of the carriages of the Hungarian train and that the upper, tilting part of one of the windows was broken. According to the portal, it was not the first time the Germans encountered a problem on this section, last summer several EC trains coming from Prague were not allowed into the country.

According to iho.hu, this is not the first such case, last summer there were several occasions when trains were not allowed to enter Germany due to a missing car or dining car. The DB (Deutsche Bahn – Germany’s state railway company) does not only have problems with the Hungarian trains, the train issued by the Czech railway company is also left at the Děčín station.

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