The General Board of the European Systemic Risk Board held its 47th regular meeting on 22 September 2022

At its meeting on 22 September 2022, the General Board of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) issued a warning on vulnerabilities in the financial system of the European Union (EU). The General Board concluded that risks to financial stability in the EU and the probability of tail-risk scenarios materialising have increased. The identified risks […]

Service providers do not allow traffic data in electronic communication, market abuse and legal violations are kept for combat purposes

Ezenkívül a nemzeti bíróság nem korlátozhatja időben az ilyen megőrzést előíró nemzeti szabályozást az érvénytelennek nyilvánítás joghatásait.

Monetary developments in the euro area: August 2022

Annual growth rate of broad monetary aggregate M3 increased to 6.1% in August 2022 from 5.7% in July (revised from 5.5%) Annual growth rate of narrower monetary aggregate M1, comprising currency in circulation and overnight deposits, stood at 6.8% in August, unchanged from previous month Annual growth rate of adjusted loans to households stood at 4.5% in August, unchanged from […]