DataExpert Services Kft. opens its renewed Debrecen office

DataExpert, based in Debrecen, was founded in 2006 by Dezső Karasszon and Zoltán Vasvári. The company, which employs nearly 70 people, is Europe’s largest independent market research data processing company. In addition to market research data processing, customer and employee satisfaction surveys as well as business intelligence with a sales and marketing focus are also […]

Compulsory promotions and price reductions on food have started

From June 1, the mandatory sales in commercial stores began to reduce the increased food prices due to the war and sanctions. This is another government measure to protect Hungarian families and pensioners. In grocery stores, customers can expect price reductions in 20 product categories, Minister of Economic Development Márton Nagy confirmed in his announcement […]

More than 13 years’ salary must be paid to buy an apartment in Debrecen

Buying a home with a loan, even together with state subsidies, means an excessive financial burden for families in Budapest, but even in the big cities in the countryside, you have to save for more and more years, writes Népszava based on the latest housing market report of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank.

In March, the gross average salary in Hungary was HUF 577,900

In March, the gross average salary of full-time employees was HUF 577,900 (approx. 1538,43 EUR), and the net average salary calculated with discounts was HUF 398,000. The gross average earnings were 16.6 percent higher and the net average earnings 16.5 percent higher than a year earlier, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) reported on Wednesday.