My Beautiful City, My Love – Art Display in Incognito Club


“Stopping time and falling through the gates of eternity” (Gabriella Mallár).

Gabriella Mallár was born in Debrecen in 1984. She is a graphic artist and art teacher, who graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (graphics department) in 2007.

“My hometown, Debrecen, has always been important to me and will remain so for me. Wherever life takes me, I will stay in Debrecen. Not only do I have my family roots here, but it is also where what I have been building on since was founded in me spiritually. The Debrecen theme was inspired by the feelings and thoughts I experience with my little son. My life has become complete with my child, but true completeness is created by the unity and balance of past, present and future. I long for every minute to last forever, yet time flies inexorably. Infinite happiness is coupled with the fear and pain of impermanence.”

Date: Thursday (23rd March) 6:00 p.m.

Venue: Incognito Pub (11. Eötvös street)

Program: Opening ceremony of a display presenting the artworks made by Gabriella Mallár.

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